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Our refillable cylinders are alumnium and the outlet fitting type has been standardised as C10 or the appropriate CGA valve in accordance with the Compressed Gas Association guidelines.

Cylinder Selection

Cylinder Size Air Volume at
Service Pressure
Pressure Outlet Fitting Dimensions (in mm and kg) H2O Volume
34L 34L 68 bar C-10 61 259 0.45 0.5L
58L 58L 69 bar C-10 74 290 0.65 0.8L
100L 100L 69 bar C-10 89 320 1.1 1.41L
116L 116L 69 bar C-10 89 371 1.7 1.5L
RAL33 940L 138 bar CGA 175 475 6.8 5.7L
RAL150 4000L 138 bar CGA 200 1200 22 29.4L

Fill pressure may be reduced whe supplying heavy hydrocarbons like Hexane and Pentane to ensure they are supplied in a gaseous form and do not liquify.

The gas price per litre is usually less in a bigger cylinder, so upsizing is a more economical way to purchase gas, providing you will use all the gas before it expires. With the compact refillable cylinders from Analysair there are more opportunities to upsize with the larger size fitting in a carry case designed for a smaller size.

Non-reactive gas mixtures are usually available in stock in 100L cylinders, as this is the most popular and one of the most economical sizes.

Eliminates HAZMAT

No disposal
or return fees

Reduced cylinder

shelf life

to return

All blends