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Analysair calibration gas is manufactured to the highest level of precision to ensure customer satisfaction. All our cylinders are shipped with a NIST traceable certificate of analysis.

About Us

Analysair calibration gas is produced in Houston, USA by experts with over 30 years experience.

Rigorous ISO QA procedues enforce a strong quality culture to ensure Analysair calibration gas always complies to specification when it is dispatched to the customer. All our cylinders are shipped with a NIST traceable certificate of analysis.

Demonstrating our commitment to the environment, we offer refillable cylinders that can be returned to us for re-use, as a saving to the end user, we relieve them of the cost and hazard associated with getting rid of disposable cylinders.

We are proud to offer extended shelf life on reactive gases and the Analysair R&D team continuously explore innovative techniques to extend shelf life even further.

The Analysair brand is stocked in Australia by Scientific Gas Australia and in New Zealand by Airtanks Limited. We are actively trying to grow our global distribution network and encourage companies from around the world to register their interest.

Through our distribution partners, we offer a drop-shipping services where we will deliver direct to the end-user on behalf of our distributors.

Analysair distributes through gas detection equipment companies and gas companies Analysair does not sell directly to end users. Our knowledgeable team look forward to assisting you with any
enquiries or questions you may have.

Analysair is a brand owned by Scientific Gas Australia.